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Auto Union Slams GM Over China Production Speculation

Published by: Betty on 18th Aug 2015 | View all blogs by Betty

Auto Union Slams GM Over China Production Speculation

Reports surfaced earlier this week that General Motors is considering importing its new Envision SUV from China, angering the United Auto Workers union (UAW), which blasted the automaker on Tuesday. The Envision is currently made in, and only available in China, but speculation has surfaced recently that the company might begin selling the model in the US. A spokesman for the company declined to comment on the reports, but UAW officials were more than happy to share their thoughts. "After the sacrifices made by US taxpayers and the US workforce to make General Motors the profitable quality company it is today, UAW members are disappointed with the tone-deaf speculation that the Envision would be imported from China," commented UAW vice president Cindy Estrada. GM has also declined comment so far about speculation that GM is considering moving peoduction of other models to China.



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