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Non-Tracking Search Engine Closer to Challenging Google

Published by: Betty on 23rd May 2014 | View all blogs by Betty
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Non-Tracking Search Engine Closer to Challenging Google

DuckDuckGo, the "search engine that doesn't track you," revealed this week that it has redesigned its interface.  DuckDuckGo launched in September 2008, offering privacy-concerned consumers an alternative to the big names in Internet search like Google and Yahoo.  The search engine actually saw its userbase expand in the wake of Edward Snowden's leak of sensitive NSA information, but failed to hang on to the new users because of its antiquated and simplistic design.  The new DuckDuckGo will be able to search for images and videos, local choices and instant answers, just like Google and Bing.  The aesthetics of the site have been improved as well, offering searchers a quick biographical overview upon searching.  DuckDuckGO CEO Gabriel Weinberg indicated Wednesday that the new interface would become the default within the next 30 days, but the switchover appears to have already taken place.  The beta version was launched on the URL, but that URL just redirects to the main site now, and the new features appear to have been implemented. 



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