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Apple Plans for Pay TV Service Placed On Hold

Published by: Kelly Curtis on 9th Dec 2015 | View all blogs by Kelly Curtis

Apple Plans for Pay TV Service Placed On Hold

Apple is putting its plan to launch a pay TV service on hold, according to multiple reports. The plan was first reported by the Wall Street Journal in March, with an initial launch date in September, to coincide with the release of the Apple TV smart television. According to reports, Apple encountered difficulty signing agreements with content providers and will table the idea for now. Apple had intended to offer a service for between $30 to $40 per month, prompting skepticism from other pay TV providers that charge more than twice that for basic packages. The company also wanted to include local stations in the service, but found out quickly that acquiring local content can be costly because many local stations are franchised or owned through an affiliate system. A spokesman for Apple declined to comment on whether the pay TV service was being shelved temporarily or canceled altogether.



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