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Hackers Seize NY Post Twitter Feed, Report Chinese Attack on US

Published by: Kelly Curtis on 16th Jan 2015 | View all blogs by Kelly Curtis
Hackers Seize NY Post Twitter Feed, Report Chinese Attack on US
Cyber criminals hacked into the Twiiter account for the New York Post on Friday, posting bogus reports about a Chinese attack on a US warship and a Fed plan to set interest rates to negative.  All the tweets were deleted within a few minutes of being posted, and the hackers appeared to have been locked out of the account.  Twitter officials declined to comment, saying it does not comment on individual accounts over privacy and security concerns.
The attack on the New York Post's Twitter account is the latest in a series of such attacks aimed at US companies and government agencies.  Earlier in the week, the Twitter and YouTube accounts of US Central Command were compromised as hackers got in and posted pro-Islamic Fundamentalist messages.  A far worse incident took place in 2013, when hackers hijacked the Associated Press Twitter feed and posted messages about explosions at the White House.  That incident actually caused a significant stock market decline as investors panicked over the news of a domestic attack.  Twitter reacted to that incident by implementing new security measures, but those measures have evidently not stopped hackers.



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