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Whole Foods Fines $800k for Overpricing in California

Published by: Kelly Curtis on 26th Jun 2014 | View all blogs by Kelly Curtis
Whole Foods Fines $800k for Overpricing in California

Whole Foods Market Inc., the nation's largest retailer of natural and organic foods, has agreed to pay $800,000 in penalties after officials in California determined that the store was overcharging customers in the state. The charges were initially made by city attorneys in San Diego, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, accusing the retailer of inaccurate pricing practices. Among the charges is that Whole Foods was selling bulk items without subtracting the weight of containers, and was selling many items by item that should have been sold by weight. In addition to the fines, the company has agreed to hire pricing accuracy managers, and each of its 74 stores in California will be subject to random audits for the next five years. The company issued a statement declaring it had cooperated with the investigation and will take steps top ensure more accurate pricing moving forward. 



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