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EPA Expands Reach of Clean Water Act

Published by: Andy on 27th May 2015 | View all blogs by Andy

EPA Expands Reach of Clean Water Act

The Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday finalized an amendment to the Clean Water Act designed to further the legislation's reach. Known as te Clean Water Rule, the new piece provides federal protection for previously unprotected streams and wetlands that feed rivers and lakes that are used for drinking water in US cities and towns. Before the rule, the EPA estimates that 60 percent of the streams and rivers across the nation were unprotected by the Clean Water Act. The agency also estimated that one in 3 Americans will have cleaner water with the change, as the sources for their drinking water were fed by unprotected rivers or wetlands. The Clean Water Rule has had ample opposition since it was first proposed about a year ago. A statement from the Obama administration said the move was necessary to clear up a number of ambiguities in the Clean Water Act. The new rule marks the first major change to the Clean Water Act since it was originally passed in 1972.



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