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Hubble Finds “UFO Galaxy”

Published by: Andy on 13th Apr 2012 | View all blogs by Andy

Hubble Finds “UFO Galaxy”

NASA officials released a photo this week of a newly discovered galaxy which scientists have nicknamed the “UFO Galaxy” for its flying saucer-like appearance.  Officially named NGC 2683, the galaxy is a spiral galaxy lined up so that the perspective from our solar system sees it almost from the side, making it look like a flying saucer.  According to NASA, the galaxy was originally discovered way back in 1788, but the Hubble Telescope has captured the first images of the cosmic UFO, located some 35 million light years from Earth.

NASA scientists have surmised that the UFO Galaxy is a barred spiral galaxy, but due to the edge-on view from our region of space, the complete structure of the galaxy cannot be seen.  To end up with the fantastic image shown above, scientists combined infrared and standard images, using images from Earth-bound telescopes to fill in some details blurred by a gap between Hubble's light detectors.  A cooperative mission between the European Space Agency and NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope has now been gathering spectacular visual images of the galaxies around the Milky Way for more than 20 years.



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