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Jason McMaster, born in Corpus Christi, Tx., 3/18/65



• Vocalist, bassist,songwriter, artist, rock and metal music enthusiast.
• Moved to Austin,Tx. 1981
• Gold Sales Awards presented in 1994 (Dangerous Toys/Columbia Records-Self-Titled 1989, and Hellacious Acres 1991)
• 1998 Induction into the Texas Music Hall of Fame (other Hall of Famers include,Stevie Ray Vaughn,Willie Nelson,Gibby Haynes,Chris Gates,Doug Sahm and many other Texas song writers and legendary artists)
• 2003-2004-Austin Music Network-Host/VJ for The Hard Show(Heavy Metal/Punk Video Show)
• 2005 to the present- Staff Vocal Instructor at the Austin Branch of "The Paul Green School of Rock Music"
• 2007-Guest speaker to University of Texas music class (Austin Live Music Academy) Oct. 15,2007 (Class modeled after "Inside the actor's Studio" on Bravo)
•2008- Aug. 5, 2008 Versailles Records releases Guns N Roses tribute CD "Double Talkin Jive" featuring Mcmaster on vocals on "Welcome to the Jungle", first track on the CD.
•2008-Judas Priest Tribute CD - Hell Bent Forever, Broken Teeth (Mcmaster vocals) - Devils Child released 9/16/08 Deadline/Cleopatra Records. CD also includes Sepultura, Great White, LA Guns and Motorhead.

Honorable Mentions in Many Books

• "White line fever"(Lemmy, bassist/singer of Motorhead)...mentions road stories of a tour dangerous toys did with Sony related bands summer 1991.
• "The Dirt", Motley Crue's book of trials and tribulation. (page 257)
• "Are You Morbid-Into the Pandemonium of Celtic Frost" (Tom Gabriel Fischer-singer/guitarist of
Swiss-German death metal group Celtic Frost)
• "Kiss and Tell" Favorable review by band members of Kiss on Jason’s performance of a Kiss song from a microphone passed in the audience.
• "Defenders of the Faith" The true story of Judas Priest- an UN-official biography / stories of the band, with interviews with bands and artists that toured or have connection to the influential metal band,
Judas Priest.
• Rock journalist Lonn Friend Most known as editor for rock magazine"RIP", book titled "Life on Planet Rock" mentions Dangerous Toys on page 198 (forward written by Lars Ulrich).


Numerous Releases

1982 to Present- vocalist

Watchtower Releases:

Energetic Disassembly-Originally Released 1985
Watchtower pioneered the math metal movement, before the media had even given the genre a monicker.

Demonstrations in Chaos- Released 2000
collection of rarities, demos, live performances throughout the bands carreer

Dangerous Toys
October 1987 to Present

Dangerous Toys Releases:

Debut/Self Titled - Released 1989

Hellacious Acres- Released June 9,1991
Sophmore effort does not as well as the first,but garners new fans,and precedes with a successful tour with judas priest ,alice cooper, motorhead and other metal legends.

Pissed-Released 1994
Independently released and toured, this cd ended up being considered a favorite by fans and critics alike, band sold and toured on their own terms, punk rock style, for the first time, paid off well. sound on this was a bit darker and moving into different directions without leaving old fans behind.

The R-tist 4merly Known as Dangerous Toys-Released October 1995
A departure, came close to changing the name of the band, sound was different, jason plays bass/vocals, making this record the least fave by default, leaving old fans in the dust, making new fans of the darker, heavier material, a change subject to the loss of two original members.

Vitamins and Crashhelmets Tour-Live-Released 1999
A live cd containing material showcasing the bands carreer, from westwood one recordings, to sound desk bootlegs recorded by fans.

Greatest Hits-Texas Sleaze Kings-Released 2003
Not band endorsed, label has bad cover art applied, and mis-spelled song titles. Good collection of songs, from the live, as well as the pissed and the r-tist releases, spanning 10 years.

Broken Teeth
1999 to Present

Broken Teeth Releases:

Self Titled - Broken Teeth - Released 1999

Guilty Pleasure - Released 2002

Blood on the Radio Live - Released 2004

Blood on the Radio DVD - Released 2004

Electric - Released 2007

Electric the DVD - Released 2009


Watchtower - 1982
Dangerous Toys - 1987
Gahdzilla Motor Company-1997-2002
Broken Teeth - 1999
SSIK (KISS Tribute) - 1991-2006
Ignitor - 2008
Killa Maul (Metallica Tribute) - 2008


• Spastic Ink - The mostly instrumental project of Watchtower Guitarist,Ron Jarzombek,released "Ink Compatible" in 2004,which featured McMaster's Vocals on 5 tracks(Aquanet,Just a little bit,Multi-masking,In Memory of...,ACRONYM)(like watchtower,very progressive agressive guitar metal, and probably the closest thing to a new watchtower release so far)

• Shadows Fall- Century Media Records - The power metal band from Boston covers the Dangerous Toys hit song-Teasn Pleasn on the Gold Award Release of "The War Within" for the Japanese Import 2005 - a "B" side,as well, McMaster joins them onstage ,Backroom Club in Austin,filmed and released the performance of Jason w/ Shadows Fall doing the D.Toys classic. Shadows Fall record the music,send McMaster the master tapes, McMaster records the vocal, Released on DVD -"The Art of Touring"-out on Century Media Records. The track again appears on a Shadows Fall- greatest hits release, "Fall out from the War"2006.
• Cygnus and the Sea Monsters-a Tribute to Rush-One Night in Chicago-Jason McMaster-Vocals DVD and CD Drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater).. Guitarist Paul Gilbert (Mr. Big , Racer -X), Bassist-Sean Malone (Cynic)
• Various Artists A Tribute to Aerosmith - Guest Appearance, Vocals and Bass
• Michael Haaga Plus and Minus Show - Vocals (Background)
• Various Artists Best of Both Worlds: A Tribute to Van Halen (MTM) Vocals
• Various Artists Best of Both Worlds: A Tribute to Van Halen (Versailles) Vocals
• Kevin Fowler High on the Hog - Vocals (Background), Percussion (COUNTRY)
• Various Artists Bon Appetite: Tribute to the Bon Scott Years of AC/DC - Vocals, Vocals (Background), Cover Art
• Various Artists A Tribute to Vai/Satriani: Lords of Karma - Vocals
• Various Artists Fire Woman: A Tribute to the Cult - Vocals, Vocals ,"King Contrary Man", " Peace Dog". (Lead and Background) Liner Notes
• Various Artists Leppardmania: A Tribute to Def Leppard - Performer-Track "Let it Go".
• Shadows Fall “The War Within”(Century Media Records) Guest Lead Vocals -Track-"Teasn' Pleasn'.
• "Eatin' Watermelon" Michael Dvorken and Pals (Childrens' Music) Guest vocals
• Lynard Skynard Tribute CD -Deadline/Cleaopatra records 2007(Vocals)
• A Motley Crue Tribute CD -Versailles Records 2007 (Vocals- "Kickstart my Heart")
• A Judas Priest Tribute(Hell Bent Forever) CD due out in 2008 (Vocals)
• Broken Teeth Record-"Devils Child".
• Jason also plays bass/vocals with SSIK, a Kiss tribute from Austin(since 1991) as well as A tribute to Judas Priest, Sad Wings, where Jason plays Rob Halford, (2005 to the present)


Full in Bloom Music Interview:

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