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Blue Buffalo Pays $30 Million Over False All-Natural Ingredients Claims

Published by: Dave Simmons on 24th Dec 2015 | View all blogs by Dave Simmons

Blue Buffalo Pays $30 Million Over False All-Natural Ingredients Claims 

Blue Buffalo agreed Thursday to pay $32 million to settle a class action filed by its customers over false advertising allegations.  In a press release, the company denied any wrongdoing, instead blaming a former ingredient supplier and a broker for the use of non-natural ingredients.  The issue of non-natural ingredients by Blue Buffalo was brought to light last year when Nestle Purina PetCare took the company to federal court.  Purina alleged that testing from independent laboratories had revealed the use of non-natural ingredients in Blue Buffalo's food, contrary to the company's ads, which claim Blue Buffalo products are all natural.  Purina also responded to this week's settlement, saying it is "pleased Blue Buffalo is beginning to accept responsibility for its false advertising and mislabeling."  The statement also revealed that the company will continue with its separate false advertising claim against the company.



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