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Facebook Takes Another Stab at Google with New Search Engine

Published by: Dave Simmons on 12th May 2015 | View all blogs by Dave Simmons

Facebook Takes Another Stab at Google with New Search Engine

The world's largest social network rolled out a new feature this week that's designed to keep users from browsing over to Google something in order to share a story with friends. The feature has only been rolled out so far for a handful of iOS users, who are seeing an “Add-A-Link” option next to the buttons for adding photos or locations. When users type in a query, the feature shows a series of links related to the query. The user can then preview the pages or select one to add to your post. The results appear to be based on what users are most likely to share, as the links are mostly from publishers that have a lot of content shared over Facebook.


After initially declining requests for comment, Facebook has since acknowledged the Add a Link feature. A spokesman revealed that the company indexed more than 1 trillion Facebook posts to see what kind of posts are linked on the social media site, meaning their search engine is powered by data that is not available to Google and other search firms. When fully rolled out, the feature will allow Facebook users to post links to stories without ever leaving the site.



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