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Volkswagen Emission Scandal May Affect 11 Million Cars Worldwide

Published by: Ronnie on 22nd Sep 2015 | View all blogs by Ronnie


Volkswagen Emission Scandal May Affect 11 Million Cars Worldwide

Volkswagen admitted Tuesday that as many as 11 million vehicles worldwide are equipped with software designed to trick emission tests, expanding a controversy that started last week in the US. The company did not specify where the vehicles in question are, though many were probably sold in Europe, a market that Volkswagen dominates by accounting for one of every four cars sold. The world's largest automaker announced it was setting aside about a half year's profits to cover costs associated with the controversy. Along with the costs of repairs to the affected vehicles, the company is also likely to face fines and damages from civil suits related to the deceptive emissions software.

Volkswagen's admission on Tuesday was its first acknowledgment that the software used to trick emissions tests was equipped on cars sold outside the US. The scandal initially broke last week when the United States' Environmental Protection Agency accused the automaker of deceiving emissions tests, but the company only admitted to using the software in some 500,000 cars sold in the US.



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