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Tracking Protection Feature on Firefox Improves Browser Performance

Published by: Ronnie on 26th May 2015 | View all blogs by Ronnie

Tracking Protection Feature on Firefox Improves Browser Performance

The Tracking Protection feature on Mozilla's Firefox browser certainly takes care of privacy and security concerns, but can also improve browser performance, according to a study conducted by former Mozilla software designer Monica Chew with computer science researcher Georgios Kontaxis. According to the study, the Alexa top 200 news websites experienced a 67 percent reduction in the number of HHTP cookies set, a 44 percent median reduction in page load times and a 39 percent slide in data usage. The duo cited several examples, including the home page at, which loaded in 6.3 seconds without Tracking Protection and 4.3 seconds with the feature on. The researchers loaded each site 10 times with and 10 times without Tracking Protection.


Mozilla's Tracking Protection feature allows users to avoid many forms of online tracking activity. As a side benefit, the feature also improves page load times by blocking requests to third-party tracking domains. Privacy advocates are excited about the performance boost because they believe it will drive more users to begin enabling the feature, since the majority of users value a faster browsing experience over privacy and security concerns. Unlike the Do Not Track option on Google Chrome, the Tracking Protection feature cannot be found under the Firefox settings menu. Instead, users will find it in the “about:config” menu. To enable the feature, simply type about:config into the Firefox address bar and click enter. A warning will pop up about changing settings, disregard it and click continue, a list of extensions and features will pop up. Search for privacy.trackingprotection.enabled. Under value, it should say “false”, simply right-click on false and select toggle, which should change false to true. Now, close the tab and begin your faster browsing.



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