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Microsoft's Bing Gains Ground on Google and Yahoo

Published by: Ronnie on 5th May 2015 | View all blogs by Ronnie


Microsoft's Bing Gains Ground on Google and Yahoo


Microsoft's Bing Internet search engine is continuing to gain on market leader Google according to the latest figures from ComScore.  For the first time ever, Bing accounted for more than 20 percent of US-based, desktop PC Internet searches in March, the report showed.  Google and Bing's former partner Yahoo each saw their share of US searches slide 0.1 percent last month, while Bing's share gained 0.3 percent, apparently snatching searches from smaller sites as well as from its two biggest rivals.  Of course, even with last month's gain, Google still controls the US web search market, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all searches last month (64.4%).  But Google's dominance is falling, as shown by not only Bing's gains last month but also the gains Yahoo made several weeks ago after reaching a settlement with Mozilla to be the default search engine for the browser.




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