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The Seven Most Improved US Housing Markets

Published by: Mike Goldman on 17th Jun 2014 | View all blogs by Mike Goldman
The Seven Most Improved US Housing Markets
Since the recession, the US housing market has been in a constant state of recovery, and some markets have even seen prices rebound to pre-recession levels.  Most of these county-level markets are small communities where the housing boom and crash did not have a major impact.  Prices in these communities didn't rise as high, or fall as low, but have been steadily improving from whatever fluctuations did occur.  Perhaps the best performing market in the country, however, is the San Francisco market, where prices have soared to record levels this summer.  Prices have risen so dramatically in San Francisco, in fact, that some economists have begun to express concern that the market will undoubtedly crash in the coming months.
To explore the most improved US housing markets, we've limited our candidates to county-levels markets and compared the market's bottom (2007 for some, 2008 for others) to conditions in the same market in May.  Using this criteria, the seven most-improved markets in the US are: Jefferson County, Kentucky;  Delaware County, Pennsylvania; Buchanan County, Missouri; Marion County, Indiana; Henderson County, Texas; Johnson County, Indiana; and San Francisco County.  All of these communities have seen drastic home price gains from their recession lows at the same time foreclosures have been plummeting.  We ranked the counties according to how much prices have improved from their lowest levels seen during the recession.  Jefferson County, for example, tops our list because prices have surged more than 63 percent since bottoming out in 2008.



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