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Ten People in Technology You Want to Know
(But Probably Won't)

Here is a list of the Titans of Tech, the Victors of the Valley, the Icons of Info, the Kings and Queens of Cyberland, and some of their companies and reasons why they are molding the future with their leadership.

1.  Steve Ballmer, 54
Company:  NYSE:MSFT - Microsoft Corporation
Background:  Has the most obvious titanic shoes to fill since 2000.
Market Interest:  MSFT still dominates the world market on personal computer operating system installs.

2.  Steve Jobs, 55
Company:  NASDAQ:AAPL - Apple Computer, Inc.
Background:  This is his baby, all the way, now that co-founder Steve Wozniak has stepped aside.
Interest:  Market share,  cool gadgets, and a cult-like following to Mac, Apple and iPod products.

3.  Samuel J. Palmisano, 59
Company: NYSE:IBM - International Business Machines
Background:  Has been CEO since March 2002.  Joined IBM in 1973, became group executive of IBM Global Services in 1998.
Interest:  IBM was tech before there was a tech field.  They have persevered through a variety of industrial changes, including world wars.

4.  Paul Otellini, 60
Company:  NASDAQ:INTC - Intel
Background: Joined Intel in 1974.  May 18, 2005 replaced Craig Barrett as CEO
Interest:  The chip maker recently aquired McAfee Inc., spending $7.68 billion creating great speculation about a new era for Intel.

5.  Eric Schmidt, 55
Company:  NASDAQ:GOOG - Google Inc.
Background:  Engineer, Author of LEX lexical analyzer software for UNIX, former board member of Apple Inc., hired by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 2001.
Interest:  Schmidt's resume is much longer, one of the most technically educated CEO's on the list; Google's meteoric rise to search services dominance and continued expansion is worth notice to any investor or IT professional.

6.  John Chambers, 61
Company:  NASDAQ:CSCO - Cisco Systems, Inc.
Background:   Joined Cisco in 1991, became CEO in 1995, spent 6 years at IBM (76-82), 8 years at Wang Labs(82-90)
Interest: In the last 15 years under Chambers, Cisco has grown from $1.2 billion in annual revenue to $40 billion today

7.  Jeff Bezos, 46
Company:  NASDAQ:AMZN - Amazon.com, Inc.
Background: Princeton graduate, founded the online bookseller in 1994
Interest:  One of the first, one of the biggest reseller services on the net.  Bezos is one of the youngest entreprenuers from the early dotcom days.

8.  Larry Ellison, 66
Company:  NASDAQ:ORCL - Oracle Corporation
Background:  Ellison founded Sofware Development Labs in 1977, which became Relational Software Inc. in 1979, and later Oracle after the initial release of 'Oracle 2.'
Interest:  Ellison has just recently hired Mark Hurd after his controversial departure from HP to co-lead the company.

9.  Leo Apotheker
Company:  NYSE:HPQ - Hewlett-Packard Company
Background:  Former CEO of SAP, German technology company specializing in enterprise software like Oracle
Interest:  Hired middle of 2010 after the termination of Mark Hurd, criticized by Larry Ellison

10.  Brian Dunn, 49
Company:  NYSE:BBY - Best Buy
Background: Started for Best Buy in 1985 as a sales associate, has climbed the entire corporate ladder from the bottom rung to CEO as of June 24, 2009.
Interest:  BBY resisted the economic slump affecting the rest of the economy and out-weathered other retail chains such as Circuit City which have not survived.  There has to be a store to go buy something when you can't wait for mail, Best Buy has over 1200.

Honorable Mention:

1.  Mark Zuckerberg, 26
Company: Facebook
Background:  Missed the top ten because the company is still private.
Interest:  Undoubtedly, Zuckerberg has led Facebook to become the leader in Social Networking.

2.  Jen-Hsun Huang, 47
Company: NASDAQ:NVDA - Nvidia
Background:  Huang was a microprocessor designer for AMD, co-founded Nvidia in 1993.
Interest:  After a few stumbles in the early years, adaptation and a quick product cycle led to Nvidia's contract to develop the graphics card for Microsoft's Xbox game console.  It's fun to watch them compete with ATI Technologies.


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  • Geno
    by Geno 7 years ago
    Once again, great article my friend. I bookmarked this one.
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