The Cool Kids Were Born Lucky

Published by: Irv on 29th Sep 2010 | View all blogs by Irv

The Cool Kids Were Born Lucky
The Nerdy Kids Luckier

This is much like the age old rivalry of the DNA strands of the human genome for hair type: straight versus curly.  The girls with straight hair have to spend more time curling hair or getting perms and envy the girls with body and wave.  Likewise the girls with the curly locks consider their own doo's as frizzy and a rat's nest, wishing for once they didn't have to fire up the $100 Chi to get a 'flat' look. 

This topic does not even come close to addressing the exorbitant funds spent on haircare products and the billion dollar industry to acheive an arguably superficial and visually pleasing coif. But admittedly, it may be difficult to prove an 'advantage' to any demographic. In America, shouldn't this be the case?

The main difference in my analogy is the 'Cool Kids' are usually completely satisfied with their DNA lottery results:  handsome or attractive, popular and born to wealth; while the geeky, homelier kids often times require a lifetime to become comfortable in their skin.  Possibly born to middle or lower income families, the beauty-challenged are forced to address their future success as the results of their own making.  In this circumstance, the true American ingenuity and innovation takes place.

However, I ask, where do the advantages lie?  The athletic?  A sub-set of the 'popular' crowd, occasionally individuals arise from impoverished circumstances to achieve fame and great fortune, but the odds are quite slim.  After years of discipline and practice great athletes can seem to make the most difficult tasks appear to be simple, even easy; therefore, again arguably, 'deserving' their successes.  But that athletic brand of popularity may not qualify as 'advantaged.'

The champion of the chumps, the god of the geeks, the usurper of the unaccepted, the advocate of the abnormal would posit that the homely and brainy have been given a true gift.  They have been freed from the narcissistic, nepotistic paths that force the footsteps of the languid and the lovely.  They have been given the present of self-awareness and individuality.  Forced resourcefulness, although traumatic to the wedgied teen and perpetually ridiculed generates either a social misfit, maladjusted and possible serial killer or a genius billionaire.  The odds of both are slim, but the numbers don't lie(I have no intention of posting any so that it remains unarguable).

There are successes and failures from both side of the tracks, I merely propose the greater good is served by applauding the nerds with ambition.

Examples of each, beginning with the 'cool kids' include:

Paris Hilton

Beginnings: Born an heiress to billions
Successes: Reality TV star, sex-tape star, fashion designer, boutique pet supply designer
Results:  After adult shenannigans grandfather gave the billions to charity

Kim Basinger

Beginnings: Definitely born one of the beautiful, and drawn to Hollywood stardom
Successes: Accomplished actress starring in iconic film roles, purchased small town in Georgia
Results: Bankruptcy

Mickey Rourke

Beginnings: Handsome, tough guy appeal gained fame in Hollywood
Successes: Starred in movie hits, made millions of dollars
Results: Currently on career comeback trail after years of substance addiction and victimization of botched cosmetic surgery

Sir Richard Branson

Beginnings: Sporty son of English barrister, good swimmer, poor student
Successes: His early entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to create his own record label, achieve British knighthood
Results:  Net worth approximately $4 billion, Virgin Group employs over 25,000 people

Those with more humble beginnings:

Sam Walton

Beginnings: Born to humble farmer parents, father changed careers requiring frequent moving
Successes: Created and built the world's largest retailer
Results: Long life as CEO, died at 74, leaving four children and a retail empire that is currently the largest single employer in the world numbering over two million

Charles and Sam Wyly

Beginnings: Irish twin brothers born during Depression, saw parents lose farm
Successes:  Billionaire investment moguls
Results:  Currently being investigated by the SEC for fraud and basically hiding money overseas made from insider trading

Jeff Bezos

Beginnings:  Grandparents had some money, teenage mom, broken home, early transitions from New Mexico to Florida
Successes:  Graduate of Princeton University, summa cum laude, BS in computer science and electrical engineering
Results:  Founder of in 1994, net worth approximately $12.3 billion



  • Geno
    by Geno 7 years ago
    Really great article Irv. Those who grew up really nerdy - sometimes they can't shake their own insecurities, regardless of how successful they become. However, if it means more humility in life, it's always a good thing. Thanks for the article.
  • Kelly Curtis
    by Kelly Curtis 7 years ago
    I've said it all along, it pays to be a nerd!
  • Todd
    by Todd 7 years ago
    Well done Irv. Sketchy, but I see your point: It pays to be HOT, but only while you're young!!!
    Looks can write you a decent check for a while, but Brains can cash your checks for Life.
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