Texas Officials Release Names of Top 25 Toll Jumpers

Thu, Oct 17 2013 03:52pm PDT 1
Kelly Curtis
Kelly Curtis
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The Texas Department of Transportation on Thursday outed residents for not paying for the use of the state's network of toll roads. The agency's website now includes a list of the state's 25 top toll jumpers, including 16 that owe in excess of $100,000. TxDOT officials say they have sent notices to the owners of more than 28,000 vehicles, who collectively owe the state more than $27 million in unpaid tolls. Officials have issued a deadline for offenders to pay their fines before stricter action may be taken. In addition to banning the vehicles from toll roads, officials are also considering blocking toll-jumpers from renewing their vehicle registrations and notifying police to impound the vehicles when they stop them. To check out the list of the top 25 Texas toll jumpers, Click Here.

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