Merck Reports Positive Results from New Lung Cancer Trial

Wed, Oct 2 2013 03:29pm PDT 1
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Merck & Co is reportedly having some success with a new lung cancer treatment known as MK-3475, reporting that 24 percent of patients responded to the drug. Once known as lambrolizumab, the antibody drug is part of a new class of compounds designed to block the activity of a receptor on immune cells called programmed death 1 or PD-1. The aim of the compounds is to get the body's immune system to attack cancerous cells. According to a press release from Merck, 38 patients whose cancer had ceased responding to other treatments were given MK-3475, and 24 percent showed a response in their immune systems. 21 Percent even experienced a decline in the size of tumors, the release noted. Complete data from the trial is scheduled to be released later this month at the World Conference on Lung Cancer in Sydney, Australia.

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