Garage Fire Reveals Pot-Growing Operation in Chollas Creek Home

Wed, Oct 2 2013 03:11pm PDT 1
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A garage fire in the Chollas Creek area of San Diego allowed authorities to discover a substantial marijuana growing operation on Tuesday, according to San Diego police. Fire officials received a call about 11:25 AM and responded to the 5200 block of Auburn Dr. The fire only took about 10 minutes to put out, officials said, but did enough damage to the home's walls to reveal the pot grow. A source said that there were as many as 80 plants in the home, which is occupied by a man, a woman and their 3-month-old child. The man, whose name has not been released, was taken into custody. Police say the fire was caused by a system the man had set up to steal electricity to power the growing operation, when crude wiring sparked the fire.

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