Study Proves Clean Energy Alternatives Cheaper than Coal

Tue, Sep 17 2013 11:39am PDT 1
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Springer's Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences released a new study this week that shows that's it's actually cheaper to use clean energy sources such as wind and solar power than it is to use traditional coal burning plants for electricity. The study shows that when you factor in the healthcare and climate change costs associated with using coal to produce electricity, the costs surpass those associated with setting up and using cleaner alternatives. The study even shows that it's cheaper to use wind power than natural gas, typically viewed as the cheapest solution to power needs around.

According to Tuesday's study, coal-burning power plants account for 40 percent of the total carbon output in the US, making the industry the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. President Obama has vowed to reduce our overall carbon footprint by limiting the amount of CO2 the industry can release, a proposal critics have claimed would raise costs on the industry. The new report shows, however, that the truth is at odds with those claims, as power companies can actually save money in the long term by adopting cleaner alternatives for producing electricity.

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